Offering a large selection of RVs/Trailer rentals for Burning Man 2018.  Rent from us and we'll deliver your unit right to your camp inside the Playa.

Approved Outside Services Provider for Burning Man.

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Wire Transfer, Paypal, all major credit cards.

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BM Rentals Commitment for 2018 

As we strive to make our company and your Burning Man experience better and hassle free, we will provide the following services at no extra charge.

We will drive by and check on your unit on daily basis.  If you have any issues with your unit, please leave a note on the door so that we may address it.  You do not have to be present to receive this service.  If it is an emergency, please come to our camp (detailed location will be provided), if no one is there, leave us a note, for we will be checking our camp on houly basis.  Keep in mind, Burning Man does not allow us to travel after 7:00 PM. 

Water and dumping services are like gold on the Playa.  If you run out of freash water, then you will have to get pump services from United.  Best way to get the service is to stand outside by your RV at 8:00 AM.  You do not want to over fill your holding tanks, for it will cause leakage on the Playa, which is a big NO NO.

We will issue you 3 free water refill vouchers, good for our units only.  If you need water filled, please tape the voucher on your door.  If your grey is full, we will not refill you, so please make sure you have it pumped out before you request a refill.  If you need additional water after the the 3 vouchers, please leave a note on the door and you will be billed $100 for each additional fill.  If you are part of a larger camp that has a water and pump contract, then this services is not available to you.  Please consult with your camp coordinator.

Water conservation.  Your trailer is designed to provide shelter and running water.  Keep in mind, water supply is only limited to the size of the fresh water tanks, which is typically 30-50 gallons, depending on the unit.  You can not leave your water running.  Best Practice:  When showering, get wet, turn off the water, lather, then rinse.  This will only use about 2 gallons of water, making your water last.

RV AC units are not like your home AC.  They are designed to cool your unit by about 20 degrees. 

Have a safe BURN!!

Havasu Camper Rental

Havasu Camper Rental

RV rentals for Burning Man 2018.‚Äč