Havasu Camper Rental

Optional Services

We offer these optional services to help you make your Burn more enjoyable.  Take advantage of these services  and make your Journey hassle free and more enjoyable.

Package Handling:  Ship us your bulky items and we will place it inside your RV/Trailer.

                                           All items shipped to our office must not contain any illegal items or  

                                           perishable goods.   $15/package to receive $20/package to ship back                                               to you + actual cost of shipping.

Cooler Rental  :        Tired of buying ice everyday?  These Yeti coolers are designed to hold                                             ice longer, saving you time and money.  $300 + $100 deposit.

EZ-UP Canopy  :       Protect yourself from the sun while you're chilling at your camp after a                                           long night of exploring.  We do not allow usage of our awnings on any                                           of our rental units.  10' x 10' canopy, $125.

Chairs:                           Relax in one of the outdoor chairs.  $20/each

Generator:                Not part of a large theme camp with their own power supply?  You'll                                               need one of our portable generators to power your RV/Trailer and to                                             charge the batteries on the RV/Trailers.  

​                                           Standard Generator:  $250

                                           Ultra Quiet Generators $750

Bed in a Bag Kit:     ​Bedding is not included with your rental.  These kits includes sheets,                                              comforter, pillows, pillow cases, and set of towels for each bed.                                                      $125/kit.

Drinking Water:     Staying hydrated is very important on the Playa.  It is recommended                                              that each person consumes 2 gallons of water per day.  5 gallons  $15